25 Bodysuit Outfits Ideas to Make You Look Super Stylish

 How to style a lace bodysuit

When wearing your bodysuit, you want to look your best. We know that, so put together bodysuit outfits ideas to get you looking great! They represent the best combinations for different body types. Whether going for a night out on the town or just hanging around the house, these bodysuit outfits are perfect for you.

Bodysuit Outfits Ideas to Try Out

The bodysuit outfit is a fashion option that seems never go away.  The garment has been paired with skirts and trousers, pushed down to show skin, and much more. But what about wearing one casually in your everyday with your formal clothes? Below are bodysuit outfit ideas to stir up your imagination.  

1. The Casual Bodysuit Outfit

Black bodysuit with jeans or leggings: A bodysuit is great for casual, every day wear. Just add some jeans or leggings and you're good to go. Wear this bodysuit outfit if you like showing off your natural curves or when going out to a party. Add some cute sneakers or flats; it's up to you!

2. The Classy Bodysuit Outfit

V neck bodysuit with shorts: Get classy with the bodysuit's deep V neckline. Pair the V neck bodysuit with shorts and high heels then put on a long pendant necklace for that extra glam. Finish off with some bracelets and you're good to go. When it comes to shoes, you can either wear flip-flops or high heels.

3. The Boho Bodysuit Outfit

Long-sleeved bodysuit with a maxi skirt. Go bohemian or hippie by wearing long sleeve body suits and pairing it with a maxi skirt. You can choose from many different color combinations for this look, but make sure to mix and match each accessory that you add. Team the vintage outfit with flats.

4. The Club Bodysuit Outfit

Lace bodysuit with mini Skirt: The bodysuit is the star of the show in this outfit, so it’s all about dressing it up. Grab a skirt that's small enough, wear some cute heels, and add some jewelry. You could also throw on a jacket if it gets chilly at night, or if you want to make your bodysuit outfit look more laid back.

5. The Glam Bodysuit Outfit

Black bodysuit with shorts: For this outfit, take your black bodysuit and turn it into the focal point of your wear. Add some shorts to still be comfortable (and keep the cold off), but dress them up with a nice belt, heels and some jewelry. If opting for a warm day, complete the outfit by adding a jacket.

6. The Vintage Bodysuit Outfit

Striped bodysuit with flowy skirt. This is a 90s bodysuit outfit that will get you noticed. It gives off that vintage vibe without making you look old fashioned. Give this outfit a hipster touch by wearing beanies or anything to do with hipsters. You only need to get creative. Add necklaces and bracelets if you want extra glamour. Most importantly, wear flat shoes.

7. The Fashionista Bodysuit Outfit

Sleeveless bodysuit and denim shorts: be the fashion chic by wearing a sleeveless bodysuit and denim shorts. For this look, wear black tights (or any color of your choice) paired with ankle strap shoes (heels are optional). Do not forget to accessorize as much as possible! You may also wear a dark blue denim jacket with your outfit to complete the look.

8. The Work Chic Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuit with dress pants: Bodysuits look great for a formal look when paired with dress pants. It's simple yet effective! If you're headed to work or maybe even a night out, this outfit is perfect for you. Just throw on some dress pants and a shirt bodysuit or any other style that suits you and you're set! You could add a blazer on top if you feel the need for more cover.

9. Off the Shoulder Bodysuit Outfit

Off shoulder bodysuit with jeans or skirt: Off-shoulder bodysuits are super cute, but they're also versatile! You can wear them with some jeans for a casual look, or you could dress them up with a cute skirt and heels. Either way, you're sure to be looking super chic in this bodysuit outfit!

10. The Office Lady Bodysuit Outfit

Long-sleeved bodysuit with a black pencil skirt: A clean cut outfit that's perfect for everyday wear in an office or just about any workplace that demands formal dressing. It provides a professional outfit without making you look boring- the perfect work outfit! Add accessories such as long necklaces, bracelets, bags or anything that will compliment your look. For shoes, choose something comfortable enough so you can stay focused during the day but not too high.

11. The Workout Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuit with Joggers or shorts: Working out doesn't have to be boring. Of course, you love your tees and sweatshirts, but why not give this outfit a try? If you like jogging, this outfit is perfect: just pick a cute and body-hugging bodysuit top. For the gym, it's as simple as throwing on some shorts over your bodysuit with some sneakers.

12. The Sexy Bodysuit Outfit

Lace bodysuit with jeans or shorts: There are so many uses for the lace bodysuit when you're trying to show off your best assets. This outfit will work perfectly if you're headed out with friends or even a date. Wear a bodysuit that has a high neckline. Add some jeans or a pair of shorts and you're sure to turn heads! Wear this bodysuit outfit out for drinks at a cafe, pub or even clubbing. Just dress it up with accessories.

13. The Party Bodysuit Outfit

Plunge bodysuit with jeans or shorts: It's time to dress up for your party! Plunge bodysuits are perfect for the occasion. Team them with jeans or shorts if you want an outfit that shows more skin. They look great with skirts of any length, so don't worry about the hemline being too short for your curves! Accessorize the outfit to your liking but don’t overdo it.

14. The Winter Bodysuit Outfit

Turtleneck bodysuit and jeans: turtleneck bodysuits are a great piece to wear in winter. They're warm, stylish, and super comfortable. The best part about this outfit is that it's casual without looking sloppy or boring. Pair this bodysuit outfit with jeans and a jacket. For footwear, you’re better off with a pair of warm boots. You’ll look your best during those cold days.

15. High Waist Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuit with high waisted jeans or pants: this outfit is super sexy and perfect for the different occasions. We suggest just choosing an opaque black or white bodysuit and pairing it with some high waisted pants or jeans. You get a casual look that can be transitioned into night by changing up your shoes! Or you can even add some cool chunky jewelry to jazz it up a little bit more if you want to stay on trend.

16. The Preppy Bodysuit Outfit

Low cut square neck bodysuit with shorts: the low cut square neck top will show off your midriff and give a rocker vibe to your look. To achieve the preppy look, make sure that everything matches perfectly. Add cute chunky shoes if you want people's attention on your feet. You can add colors to your shorts but make sure that they don't stand out too much from your bodysuit.

17. The Edgy Diva Bodysuit Outfit

Solid color bodysuit with ripped jeans. If you want to dress more on the edgy side, then go for this look. For your solid colored bodysuit, choose black, white, or even red. They are elegant and can be paired with anything. Your diva touch is added by wearing ripped jeans of any color (but blue would work best) combined with studded bracelets and accessories like necklaces and rings. Finish off by adding ankle boots or converse sneakers.

18. The Ethnic Bodysuit Outfit

Black bodysuit with trousers: Wear a lace bodysuit with some colorful trousers and heels for an ethnic look. To rock this cool look, wear your black bodysuit with a pair of heeled sandals and matching clutch. Finish off the outfit by accessorizing with silver jewelry like hoop earrings and rings. Dress up your lace bodysuit outfit by wearing it out for drinks at a cafe, pub or even clubbing! Just dress it up with accessories.   

19. The All-Black Bodysuit Outfit

Black sleeveless bodysuit with black pants: For a sexy yet classy look, choose to pair your all black bodysuit outfit with some black pants. You can use high boots or heels with this look depending on the length of your pants. Accessorize with silver necklaces and bracelets for an elegant appearance or any other accessory that you feel fits the look.

20. All White Bodysuit Outfit

All white bodysuit with white jeans: Going for a beach party? Then this is the look you should sport. The all-white ensemble looks good on anyone- and it's classy too! For a sexier look, consider a white lace bodysuit with jeans- all white, of course. For footwear, you can use classic ballet flats or heels depending on your height, just make sure they're not overly towering.

21. Zipper Bodysuit Outfit

Padded bodysuit with skinny jeans: For a sexier look, choose a zipper skin-tight bodysuit and match it with skinny jeans. To make the look more interesting, add color to your ensemble by wearing matching shoes, bag and scarf. Look for colorful knee high socks to complete your outfit or, alternatively, use pastel colors for this look.

22. The Rocker Chic Bodysuit Outfit

Printed bodysuit, long sleeve style, and shorts. This look is best for all the ladies who want to give off that rocker vibe even without wearing a jacket. Wear high-top sneakers with this outfit and finish off the look with studded bracelets and cross-body bags. This outfit will definitely attract attention; you'll love it already!

23. The Minimalist Bodysuit Outfit

Form-fitting bodysuit, high neck type, with pants. This outfit is perfect for a night out with friends or maybe even on a date. You'll be able to show off your curves and still feel like you're dressed up and stylish without showing too much skin. Just throw on some heels and add a cute clutch, and you're all set for a day or night out.

24. The Short Skirt Bodysuit Outfit

Bodysuit with mini-skirt: What about showing more skin with your bodysuit outfit? Just choose any color bodysuit you want and put it on, then add a skirt that's just above the knee. It doesn't matter whether the fabric of your bodysuit is opaque or not; it will look great both ways! You might want to wear some opaque tights with this outfit though, just in case you get cold.

25. The Rave Girl Bodysuit Outfit

Colorful, sleeveless bodysuit: this outfit screams rave party and will definitely make heads turn. Be sure to go for conspicuous colors and patterns such as rainbow prints. Adding accessories like rave wristbands, neon sunglasses and neon hair streaks will make your outfit pop out even more! You may want to pair the rave bodysuit outfit with a pair of shorts for some warmth.

So there you have it! Hopefully through these bodysuit outfit ideas, you'll become more confident to wear bodysuits - even if it's the first time you're trying this trend. Always look your best in a bodysuit by choosing which outfit to wear based on the specific occasion.


You can rarely go wrong with this bodysuit outfits. They’re perfect for casual days out with your friends or just about anything! But while that will almost always be the case, there're some combinations that will not be so great. Sometimes it’s all about the type of bodysuit or accessories; other times the footwear you choose. When styling your bodysuit, remember to select these three items carefully.