7 Best Waist Training Corsets Buying Tips: How To Buy Waist Corset

What are the best waist training corsets out there? If you’re looking to buy a waist corset, find help here. We explain everything that you should look for.

 A typical under bust waist training corset

So you're ready to start your waist slimming plan and looking for the best waist training corsets to buy? That’s awesome – waist training is one of the most rewarding things to do for a better figure. But choosing which waist corset trainer to get can be hard work: there are dozens of brands, hundreds of models, and thousands of customer reviews for you to sift through. Use this waist corset buying guide to help you make a sound choice.


What are the Best Waist corsets?

It seems like everyone is talking about waist training corsets these days... … but not all waist training corsets are made equal! Some are good, some not so much. In order to ensure the right type for you, we suggest that you understand the options available first. Only then will you be able to a wise choice.

Waist corset trainers are made in many different styles: overbust corsets, underbust corsets, wasp corsets, and many more. They also come in different materials- silver polymer, PVC (polyvinyl chloride), brocade, satin, mesh, and even leather. Different sizes, too, and other design features.

There are also steel-boned corsets and those that use plastic boning. For those who don't know, "steel boned" means there are steel stays or reinforcements throughout the whole length of the corset - front and back. Plastic bones are made from plastic material.

The best waist shaping corset should combine all the above features- but in their highest level of quality and other aspects. For example, the best steel-boned corset for waist training should also include strong fabric that will not rip easily.

Additionally, the top quality corset should fit you well to compress your midsection without hurting or making you feel too uncomfortable as to prevent you from going about your daily activities. Let’s see how to ensure that below.

 Waist training corsets can be many different designs and sizes


How to Buy Best Waist training Corsets

If you’ve tried before, you know how tricky it is to buy a waist training corset that matches your requirements. Top waist corset trainers are high-quality and durable. Your first step when looking to buy one is learning the things to look for. These include everything in the garment from material, size, and style. Below is a list of the considerations when purchasing your corset.


1). Pick Best Waist Corset Material

What's the waist corset made of? How durable is the material? Is it easy to maintain? You want to make sure the best corset itself is made out of the best fabric. The material should be able to withstand regular wear and cleaning without falling apart.  

How thick is the fabric, and how comfortable? This point is crucial if you intend to use the corset for specific purposes such as stealthy wear. You do not want to purchase a thick waist corset that you cannot hide under your clothes or that will make you feel uncomfortable.

TIP: Make sure the corset material is something that can be worn both inside and outside your normal clothes.

Your options for waist corset material will generally involve these different fabrics: Silver polymer, brocade, satin, cotton, faux leather, and mesh. Silver waist corsets are the most durable. They are also thin and comfortable enough to wear underneath clothes and flexible enough to allow you unhindered movement.


2). Choose the Right Waist Corset Size

What are the available sizes, and does shape matter? Another key factor to look out for when looking for the best waist training corset is the number of sizes available for purchase. You do not want to purchase a product that is large size unless you're a plus-size, for example.

Waist corset size is generally based on your midsection height, waist circumference, and chest measurements. The best rule of the thumb? Measure the length of your torso and add 4 inches, which will be your final number.

For example, if you have a 41-inch waist (or 37 around), then order a corset Size 40+ (40 with 4" of additional material for a total waist size of 44 inches). You will usually find a sizing chart on a seller's site to help you determine your corset size.


3). Select a Waist Corset style

Waist corsets are available in different styles and silhouettes. Coverage means the amount of body that the corset covers. Options for both options include short and longline corsets, wasp corsets, and overbust or underbust corsets. There are also cool styles, such as the hourglass waist corset and lingerie corsets.

Choose an overbust corset if you want a waist shaper that provides more coverage or one that can take the place of a bra. These types of waist training corsets are also great for wearing alone and often over clothes for fashion.

An underbust corset is ideal for wearing under the clothes but can also fit over the clothes. If you want a pushed up bust, then an underbust should suit you perfectly. Choose a silhouette or style to suit your needs, such as an hourglass or wasp corset.


4). Consider Higher Waist Corset Price

How much is the waist training corset price? Is it worth its cost? This is very individual and up to the purchaser's discretion.  However, our advice is that you avoid any type of cheap waist corset. The waist corset price mostly ranges from $20 for the cheapest and up to $100 and more for the priciest.

The lower price category consists of corsets made from lower quality material. These will not last a long time, and are mostly made from plastic boning. Plastic boning can warp and lose cause corset to shape over time, causing discomfort.

Tip: try to compare the price of waist corset with its quality, material, and features before buying it.

Waist corsets in the higher price range are high quality, durable and comfortable, among other advantages. They’re also steel bones for strength and support. The best waist corsets in this category should adequately cater to your needs for comfort, safety, and durability.


5). Check the Waist Corset Reviews

Is there any general feedback from customers? This is one of the most important things to look out for when purchasing a waist corset. Find the best waist training corset reviews and find out what previous users are saying about the specific model. See if its benefits and results suit your situation.

TIP: If you are concerned about the durability/corseting aspect of a waist corset, try to find one that has actual reviews on it from customers.

    Waist training corset without the modesty panel

6). Other Features for Best Waist Training Corsets

Some features may or may not be present in a waist corset trainer. Some are essential to a corsets performance, while others are only accessories to make it more usable. The feature includes those listed below along with their usefulness.


Strong Corset Seams

 The best waist corset should use reinforced stitching and one that does not have any flimsy strings on it. Strong seams mean a more durable corset. Considering that you will want to wear the garment for weeks or even months, it’s essential that you ensure the seams can withstand the pressure when tightening the corset.


Waist corset grommets

Waist corset grommets make tightening the garment possible. Strong metallic grommets will not come off when you pull at the laces. Choose corsets with a high number of grommets, too. More grommets accord you a better ability to tighten the corset to your liking or preference. More grommets allow you to better tighten your corset according to your preferences


Safe Corset Material

Ensure, also, that it’s a non-toxic corset material, soft to the skin, and comfy to wear. If you are allergic to certain types of fabrics, you may want to avoid corsets made from them. Silver waist corsets are safe on your skin (non-allergic and resistant to bacteria) and comfortable.

To sum up factors when searching for the best waist training corsets, here are the considerations to take into account:

  • Corset material quality and safety
  • Corset size and style
  • Corset reviews
  • If it’s steel boned
  • Corset seams and grommets

Once you have selected best waist shaping corset and had it shipped to you, it's time to lace up and start wearing it. First, fasten the front closure by bringing the hooks and clasps together. Next, tighten your corset by using the lace-up closure on the back of your corset.

Make sure to tie the waist corset laces tightly for a longer stay. You also need to make sure that you have enough room to take a full deep breath. If you can't breathe or stand up straight, the corset is too tight.


Purchasing the best waist training corsets can be challenging, especially if you’re new to corsets. Follow the guidelines given here to help you make the right purchase decision for your comfort and health.

Remember, what you choose will have a bearing on how you use the corset and can make your experience great or regrettable. More importantly, the best waist corset will effectively slim your waist to meet your expected results. So choose wisely.