Best Bodysuit: Bodysuit Buying Dos and Don’ts 

Red bodysuit, a favorite type of bodysuit to style with jeans


Finding the best bodysuit is not always as easy as it may look. You have to know what fits your styling needs or what design suits your type of body. You also want to choose the right material that will offer adequate support and comfort. But most importantly, you want a bodysuit style that will make you feel confident wearing. In this article, we will help you navigate the bodysuit market to find the best option for your needs. Continue reading.

How to Buy the Best Bodysuit for Your Needs

There are several types of bodysuits to choose from when looking to purchase one. In order to find a style that fits styling requirements, we'll cover all the various factors that you need to take into consideration. These include the best bodysuit fabric, bodysuit design, size, and so on.

Best Bodysuit Material

Bodysuits are made from different materials like cotton, nylon, spandex, silver polymer. These offer different levels of quality, comfort, and safety, among other advantages such as thickness and ability to serve as effective shapewear bodysuits. This makes the type of material one of the most important factors when shopping for a bodysuit.

For bodysuit fabric, we recommend buying those made from the newest body shaper material called silver polymer. It offers the most benefits; anti-microbial, no bad odor, and usually thin enough to fit seamlessly under your clothes. Silver polymer bodysuits will also not cause skin allergy, unlike latex or neoprene, and you can wear them safely.

Best Bodysuit Style

Bodysuits come in different style lines, like V-neck or scoop neck or even turtleneck. Each style pairs with different clothes differently. Most of the time, also, a certain bodysuit style will suit a specific event, occasion, or styling need. Whether choosing the best bodysuit for women or men, you may want to consider several requirements as well as your taste.

A long sleeve bodysuit, for example, is a good choice if you’re a plus size, lace bodysuit for a stunningly sexy look. You may also want to consider obtaining as many variations of the bodysuit as you can. That will help you ensure you have a bodysuit to wear to every occasion such as a date, day out, or a night of partying with friends.

Best Bodysuit Size

The best bodysuit size is one that fits you snugly. Avoid suits that fit you too tightly as to cause discomfort or those that are too loose and will not improve your figure. It's always important to use the sizing charts provided by the seller as a guide and your body measurements for comparison. Make sure your measurements for bust, waist, hips, and shoulders are accurate.

 A long-sleeve, lace-front bodysuit with jeans


Other Factors When Looking for the Best Bodysuit

In addition to material, style, and size, there are other things that will lead you to buy the best bodysuits for women or even men. These include the ease to care for the garment, price range, color, and additional features such as hooded suits or zippers or compression panels- more about that below.

Bodysuit Care Options

How easy is the bodysuit easy to take care of? This mostly means the options to wash it or how well it stands up to tears. The best bodysuit to own should not get damaged easily. You can find out by researching the dos and don’ts when washing it. A lot of the care practice depends on the type of fabric, with some materials being tougher and more durable than others.

In addition to choosing a washable fabric, consider a high quality one. Higher quality materials are less likely to get ruined both during use and when cleaning your bodysuit. Because it's inevitable that you will wash the garment, we recommend choosing a material with better qualities such as silver polymer. These are easier to wash and designed to be tear-proof and durable.  

Bodysuit Price

The price of a bodysuit will depend on its brand name, the material used, and special features such as zippers and other closures. Cheap bodysuits will mostly cost you anything around $20. We wouldn't recommend these as their quality is usually lower. Instead, consider investing in higher-priced, high quality bodysuit to get more value for money.

The more expensive good quality bodysuits will go for $35 ~ $100 or more since they come with better materials that perform better in terms of supporting your body and providing a seamless look. In other words, the bodysuit price is usually a measure of quality- and the more you pay, the better the bodysuit.

Color and Print Patterns

There are many different bodysuits with unique patterns and colors. While the type of color that you choose will depend on your preference and styling needs, there are those that will combine with a variety of outfits. Black bodysuits, for example, will pair with almost all kinds of bottoms including different types of jeans, pants, and skirts.

Patterns are a matter of personal decision. Overall, they improve the look of your bodysuit outfit. If you opt for patterned bodysuits, be sure to choose those that you're comfortable with. A good quality bodysuit needs to wear for a long time, so choose wisely and only go, or what you’ll feel comfortable wearing.

 Hooded bodysuit


Additional Features

Bodysuits come with lots of special features like hoods, compression panels for special areas such as the tummy, reflective strips/panels, or even butt lifter. Others include zippers to make the suit easier to use. While some features are fashion or convenience add-ons, others are meant to provide the bodysuit with sculpting capabilities.

The best sculpting bodysuit should be made from a compression material. Depending on the required slimming effect, it may also feature panels to flatten the stomach. Other design considerations include built-in bras for extra support, especially if it’s a workout bodysuit.

Not all extra features are necessary. Only buy a bodysuit that has the add-ons if you need them, or if they appeal to your taste. Some, such as snap or hook and eye crotch, are vital. They help ensure easier bathroom access and are necessary features. The same with compression panels and other shapewear features such as bones in a corset bodysuit.

Bodysuit Photos and Videos

If you're still not sure about buying a bodysuit online, watch some videos showing real people wearing bodysuits in real life. These will provide you with an idea of how good the bodysuits look. You'll also learn a great deal about fashion so you can make better choices when looking for the best bodysuit for your needs.

Apart from videos, bodysuit photos are a great way to sample the garment. These allow you the opportunity to see the latest fashion trends and inspire you to pick the best bodysuit brands and styles. You can find plenty of these photos online.

 Black bodysuit for plus size


Best Bodysuit for plus Size

The best bodysuit for plus size will have specific qualities. It should hold you in while also flattering your look. That means making the right choice for size, style, and even color. If you are plus size lady, here is what you need to know:

Ensure that the material you choose offers enough stretch to fit your body. If it doesn’t, your bodysuit will likely fit you too tightly. Choose the right style, too. The best bodysuit for plus size should create the impression of a slimmer figure. Go for dark colors to ensure that you look slimmer.

In addition to color, the best bodysuit for women who are a plus size should be a flattering style. Long sleeves are your best choice. They take attention from your torso. They also help to hold in the arms so they look smaller.

Where Can I Buy a Bodysuit?

Wondering where to get a bodysuit? Well, you can buy your bodysuit online, or you can choose offline to obtain it from a physical store. Your choice will mainly depend on your preference. However, online shopping offers a couple of advantages. It provides you access to endless types of the garment, prices, and deals. Plus, you won't have to put any effort into finding a store out there.

When shopping online, you may want to look for coupons or codes on websites that offer them before adding anything into your virtual shopping cart. This way, you get more value for your buck and save money. Go through detain descriptions for the bodysuit, too, so you understand what you're buying.

Should you opt to shop offline, be sure to use your body measurements to guide you to the right size of the bodysuit. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from the salesperson. Ensure also, that there are adequate varieties of the bodysuit to choose from- including unique bodysuits with extra features. You do not want to limit your choices.

 Lace bodysuit one of the most popular types of bodysuits


Bodysuit Buying Dos and Don’ts

When buying a bodysuit, there are a few things to keep in mind so you can find the perfect one for yourself. Here are the bodysuit buying dos and don’ts that you will want to stick to when out shopping for this versatile garment. Use them to ensure the best workout bodysuit, the best bodysuit for tummy control, and more

Bodysuit Buying Dos

  • Always size your bodysuit up to avoid anything that’s too tight. The most comfortable bodysuit is a properly fitting one.
  • Use the correct body measurements when sizing your bodysuit. These will make the seller’s sizing chart useful.
  • Find the best bodysuit for work or office by choosing modest styles and colors such as black. Dark colors will always look more decent.
  • Do not limit yourself to certain colors. Have a variety of them for your bodysuits.
  • Choose stretchy fabrics. The stretchier and smoother the better. These make the best bodysuits for plus size
  • Lace bodysuits are sexier. Choose these if looking for a top to wear at parties, under a wedding dress, or to a date.  
  • Buy several bodysuits in different styles to take care of all your styling requirements. You will have a “best bodysuit” for almost every event or occasion.

Bodysuit buying Don’ts

  • Don't buy a bodysuit if you cannot fit into it comfortably. It's not going to get any smaller or tighter from wearing it.
  • Don't buy an itchy fabric. It's going to irritate your skin and cause breakouts or rashes. Only go for safe materials that will not cause allergies such as silver polymer.
  • Avoid materials that are too thick if looking for the most comfortable bodysuit or your bodysuit will feel bulky and show through the suit.
  • If you’re a plus size, avoid styles and colors that do not flatter your body size. Examples of such styles are long sleeved suits and dark colors.
  • Do not buy the regular bodysuit if looking for a garment to hide fat. The best control bodysuitwill be a special type made from the best compression material.


Bodysuits are incredible pieces of clothing that can be styled with many different garments from jeans to shorts and blazers or other accessories. The best bodysuit should create a flattering figure that will boost your confidence. Bodysuits come in all different shapes and sizes or colors and styles, so you will always find one that suits you based on your preferences. Only be sure to choose the right type of material, among other considerations mentioned in this guide.