Bodysuits for Men: Can Men Wear Bodysuits?

One of the many different types of bodysuits for men

Are bodysuits for men a flattering style? Men Bodysuits were originally a women's article of clothing, but not anymore. Modern designers have been expanding this fashion trend into the menswear world. Now that more men are wearing bodysuits in their day-to-day lives, what are some of the best bodysuits for men? This article aims to provide you with practical answers to all your queries about men’s bodysuits.

What is a Bodysuit?

A bodysuit is a kind of one-piece clothing that covers the torso and fastens at the crotch. Bodysuits are mostly designed with long sleeves, short sleeves, or they can be sleeveless. Some types of bodysuits use snaps on the crotch end, while others come with supportive shoulder straps. Generally, bodysuits are designed to be worn underneath clothing or on their own.

There are many different bodysuits materials available today including cotton, nylon, spandex, and silver polymer. Typically, the material must stretch so it snugly fits the wearer’s body. Many different styles too, including these:

  • Men’s mesh bodysuit
  • Men’s bodysuit vest
  • Men’s bodysuit underwear
  • Men’s bodysuit T-shirt
  • Men’s bodysuit shirt
  • Men’s lace bodysuit

Now on to the big question: should men wear bodysuits and what are the advantages of male bodysuits?

Can Men Wear Bodysuits?

When it comes to bodysuits, men are not considered regular wearers. But that’s fast changing. Today, more and more men are starting to don the garment. So what’s this thing with guys in bodysuits? Because men’s bodysuits come in a wide variety of styles and colors, you'll find that there are several reasons why a man might want to wear them. Here are some of them.

Male Bodysuits for the Figure

Men's bodies are many different shapes and sizes. The most flattering look is one that highlights your best features and tones down your problem areas. A men’s bodysuit perfectly complements your silhouette to enhance your appearance.

Some types of men’s bodysuits come with attached belts or slimming portions and are typically made of silver polymer. They provide just the right amount of pressure to compress your torso and flatten the tummy and to improve your appearance.

Male Bodysuits for Tucked Looks

A men’s bodysuit shirt is a type of suit that combines a shirt top and fasten at the crotch. When worn with any bottom, the shirt part remains tucked throughout. That, in turn, frees you from the hustle of tucking your clothes now and then.

The bodysuit can also be a t-shirt style. A men’s T-shirt bodysuit, in addition to ensuring a tucked in wear, can be a fashion statement depending on the design. Others include figure hugging tops that help to define your features and appearance for a confidence boost.

Male Bodysuits as Lingerie

Men have been wearing lingerie for years, so why not wear bodysuits as an alternative to boxers or briefs? Male bodysuits serve this purpose with several styles to ensure a comfortable fit. They also come with snaps or similar closures.

Men’s bodysuits with snaps or other fasteners allow for easier removal when in the bathroom. The closure is also what makes the garment different from a leotard, despite the many similarities. Snaps offer one of the easiest means to undo the garment.  

 A bodysuit for men


How to choose bodysuits for Men

So you want to buy a male bodysuit but do not know where to start? Bodysuits for men are made of a variety of materials, styles and colors. Because there are so many options, it can be confusing to select a bodysuit that's perfect for exercising and lounging around while still maintaining a flattering fit. Here are guidelines on how to choose yours.

  • When you're shopping online for men’s bodysuits, there are many different things to consider. The first thing you'll want to think about is what style you're looking for.


  • If you want to tone down your lower body, you will need a bodysuit and shorts design; if you want to enhance the top half of your body, choose a bodysuit that comes with an attached slimming belt.


  • You'll find bodysuits made from many different fabrics. Silver polymer makes the best bodysuits, especially for slimming purposes.


  • Men’s bodysuits come in an array of colors, including white, red, pink, blue, green and yellow. Choose a color that will go well with what you like, including your present clothes.


  • Think about the features available in bodysuits for men, such as snaps. The more features a bodysuit has, the more versatile it will be.


  • For a bodysuit that uses spaghetti straps, choose one that comes with adjustable straps for the best fit. And for a full-body suit, a fitting size.


  • For men’s bodysuit underwear, be sure to choose styles with snaps, hooks, and other easy-to-use fasteners at the crotch area.



How to Wear Bodysuits for Men

If you're wondering how to wear a men's bodysuit, think about what look you're trying to achieve. Most suits are stretchy fabrics, so they'll fit most body types. Because they’re available in such a wide variety of styles and colors, always ensure a type that enhances your best features and tones down your problem areas. Use these tips to guide you.

  1. Bodysuits designed for men who want to tone down their lower bodies are typically made of sliver polymer and usually stretchy. Wear these types of bodysuits on their own for maximum benefits.
  2. Different materials are used for men’s bodysuits. During colder weather, wear a bodysuit made from a warmer material. For hot days, have a bodysuit that's made from a more breathable fabric with less coverage such as bodysuit vest.
  3. Some male bodysuits typically come with built-in belts that you can strap around your waist if you want to cinch in your look. Wear these for slimming purposes, especially when working out.
  4. A bodysuit shirt or bodysuit with collar are excellent options for formal wear. Use them to ensure a tucked-in look all day as well as for fashion.
  5. Bodysuits with jeans make great casual outfits. Wear them on days when you’re catching up with friends or lounging around.

How to Care for Bodysuits for Men

Your bodysuit comes into direct contact with the skin and will need cleaning from time to time. The good news, though, is that bodysuits for men are simple garments and incredibly easy to clean.  If you're not sure how to clean yours, follow these steps:

  • Fill your bathtub with cool water and add a cupful of mild detergent. You don't want to put your bodysuit in hot water because it will shrink.


  • Gently put the bodysuit in the water and swirl it around. Let the bodysuit soak for five to 10 minutes.


  • Use your hands or a soft brush to gently remove dirt from the bodysuit. Rinse the bodysuit with cool water and then roll it in a towel to remove excess water.


  • Lay the bodysuit flat on a drying rack until it's completely dry. You can also put your bodysuit in the dryer, but it's important to use low heat.


Bodysuits are not a woman’s clothing anymore. Male bodysuits are becoming the norm today. Bodysuits give you a chance to wear something that's super-comfortable and body conscious, but still provides a flattering fit. We hope this article has helped you understand the bodysuits for men. If you’re looking to invest in the garment, be sure to consider your needs and match them with the available options.