How to Lose Weight with a Sauna Suit

Sauna suits primarily help you burn fat and shed weight. Here are 6 steps to lose weight with a sauna suit and the mistakes to avoid.

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In order to lose weight with a sauna suit, it's important that you ensure a few things. You do not want to wait forever before you can see results, for example, or put your health at risk. There are also other crucial aspects to take care of, such as selecting the right suit for you. In other words, your success is dependent on how well you plan and execute the program.  Below, we bring you the steps to take when using a sauna suit to lose weight.

Can you lose Weight with a Sauna Suit?

Before delving into the steps, let’s answer this crucial question. It will help to keep you focused and positive throughout, especially if using a sauna suit for the first time and not sure about what to expect. You may also have come across conflicting information online, and wondering if things will be different for you.

So does a sauna suit help you lose weight?

The answer is yes it does! However, do not expect anything too drastic too soon, except if you’re talking about losing water weight (which happens immediately after using the suit anyway). For the normal weight, sauna suit results can take quite some time, up to several weeks.  

The duration to see results depends on several factors:  

  • Your current weight
  • Age
  • Your gender
  • The level of dedication to the project
  • The type of workouts you do during this time.

So, expect fast sauna suit weight cut if you’re exercising regularly and combining light and high-intensity workouts in your training. These go hand in hand. The earlier you discover that, the better.

In order to shed a considerable amount of weight, you need workouts that target fat areas. Many people find a sauna suit body shaper combination to be extremely helpful.

Working under an instructor also helps. But don’t worry if you don’t have one. It’s not necessary that you do as long as you are not a professional athlete.

Besides, exercising in a sauna suit is simple enough provided you do not go overboard with the workouts. There are also many resources that you can rely on (such as this one right here). Only be sure to check its credibility.

For now, let’s go right into the steps to burn fat and shed weight using a sauna suit.

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How to lose Weight with a Sauna Suit

Wanting to lose weight with a sauna suit is one thing, making it happen, another. As discussed earlier, careful planning is the key. It ensures you have everything ready from the materials to use, the things to do, to having the mindset to keep everything going. Then there’s the time to start using your sauna suit- which is equally important. Check out these steps and use them get started.

1. Find the Right Sauna Suit for Weight loss

The right sauna suit for fat loss will have certain features. Find a type that fits well and is not restrictive around the stomach, legs or other places. You will also have a choice of different styles of the garment. In order to retain more heat, you may want to go for the hooded sauna suit, long sleeved type, and ankle-length pants. Choose a material that will make you sweat to the maximum such as silver polymer. This will serve to accelerate weight loss and produce results quickly.

2. Know how to Use a Sauna Suit Correctly

People use sweat suits for all their many benefits, but mostly weight loss. When your focus is shedding some pounds, it’s crucial that you understand how to make it happen quickly. Know how to properly wear a sauna suit, for example- and for how long.  As someone with no prior experience, the first thing to keep in mind is that you must use it according to the instructions. To be on the safe side, though; we recommend moderation with everything, from the workouts to how long the suit stays on your body.

3. Adopt a Diet Plan

You won’t see encouraging changes on the scale if you keep eating all the wrong foods. Keeping track of your diet and eating healthily is simple enough, too. Data from research shows that combining sauna suit exercise and healthy diet is crucial to weight loss. The suit will help you lose water weight, but it won’t lead to lasting weight loss unless you make a similar effort with your diet. Always remember that! Eat smaller portions throughout the day than one large meal at a time.

4. Identify Useful Sauna Suit Workouts

Since you’re just starting out, find workouts that will help you safely train in the sauna suit, lose weight, and achieve bodily fitness while at it. These are workouts that don’t require much time and equipment or the guidance of a fitness instructor. Examples include taking a walk around the neighborhood. You could also consider a few other activities such as playing tennis, biking, and more. These will not put you at the risk of losing too much water or your body overheating.

5. Drink Plenty of Water

Much like any other workout, sauna suit workouts tend to dehydrate you. So your body will need plenty of water. Make sure that you take in 6 ounces of water before starting your workouts and regular sips during the training session. Doing so will ensure that you don’t experience any side effects of dehydration, such as dizziness and headaches. Dehydration can be dangerous. Take this advice seriously and stop working out as soon as you feel its symptoms.

6. Track your Sauna Suit Before and After”

It will be difficult to see your sauna suit results if you don’t track them. Write down how long you wear the suit during workouts, as well as what type of exercises you do. Take pictures too to see how you look before and after the workout. Record everything in a notebook so that you can compare your before and after pictures. It will keep you motivated. You can also share the photos with close friends or family members. They will help cheer you on.

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Mistakes to Avoid when Using a Sauna suit to lose Weight

People who set out on a sauna suit weight loss plan will usually either train to the end and post results or stop midway. Some do not start at all, and keep postponing the program. With everything within your control, you have the power to make things happen- by avoiding the mistakes listed below.  

  • Procrastinating. Just start! Your project will never take off if you keep postponing it. The easiest way to get things done quickly is by writing down your goals. So, jot them in your notebook together with the estimated timeframes. Then, just start!
  • Setting the bar too high. Avoid setting for yourself unrealistic goals. You won’t be shedding ten pounds overnight, for example. Do not place your expectations too low, either. Just be moderate and know what you can do and what you cannot do.
  • Overlooking important instructions. Wearing a sauna suit and weightloss are two separate achievements. One is simple to accomplish and other difficult. Be sure to follow the instructions to use sweat suits, more so your specific type of sauna suit.
  • Not combining sauna suit workouts with diet. This is a common mistake that can stall your weight loss journey. We recommending writing down the diet planbefore you can commence the sweat suit training. That way, it will be difficult to overlook it.  
  • Stopping and starting over again.Unless you cannot help it, do not stop one started. Most of the time, that will only get you back to square one. Move forward until you meet your sauna suit weight loss goals, which can take time depending on the adopted plan or workouts.

The trick is to start and keep going until you can see results. As already indicated, understand what’s working and what’s not working. Identify, also, the things you’re not doing right - and correct them. However, do not over-exercise in your sauna suit. Or do things that can harm you. Follow all sauna suit guidelines for weight loss to the letter and adopt moderation.


The steps when looking to lose weight with a sauna suit need careful planning. That’s because it involves more than wearing the garment and includes exercising and proper diet. On the upside, using a sauna suit to lose weight also provides you with other benefits such as increased removal of toxins, enhanced oxygen uptake, and better muscle health.  You only need to know how to do it the right way including tracking progress and changing tact along the way. Losing weight can be a tough task, but with the help of sauna suit you can make it a lot easier.