How to Use Bodysuit Shapewear to Hide Fat ?

Bodysuit Waist Trainer Shapewear


Bodysuit shapewear garments help create a flattering figure. But while wearing one makes that possible, achieving the best results depends on several factors. You want to know what kind of bodysuit will suit your body shape, how to achieve the best body-shaping results, and more. That's what we will be showing you: the art of using bodysuits to hide fat and look great.

What is Bodysuit Shapewear?

Shapewear bodysuits are skin-tight but stretchy garments that cover the torso from the chest to mid or upper thigh. They compress the stomach, waist, and backside to smooth out bulges. You can wear them as stand-alone pieces, under clothing for special occasions, or just every day as underwear. Bodysuit shapewear garments offer these advantages:

  • They're figure-flattering to improve your body shape, but still close-fitting to offer sleek curves without feeling constricting or restrictive of movement.


  • Shaping bodysuits are nice alternatives to shapewear girdles if you prefer something less restricting but still figure-hugging.


  • These garments are perfect for wearing under any outfit with clingy fabric or when you want to hide your problem areas.


Types of Bodysuit Shapewear


The Different Types of Bodysuit Shapewear

There are many types of shaping bodysuits such as underbust bodysuit, corset bodysuits, underwire bodysuit, and more. Other styles include shapewear bodysuit with snap crotch, bodysuits without snaps, strapped bodysuit shapewear, strapless styles, and so on. These are meant to serve various purposes.

A bodysuit corset, for example, is meant to provide a slimming effect around the waist and stomach, leaving you feeling confident and more attractive. Bodysuit shapewear with snaps or hook and eye closures, on the other hand, is more convenient in the bathroom than those without them.

 Using Bodysuit to Hide Fat


How to Use Bodysuit Shapewear to Hide Fat

You can easily hide body fat by using a bodysuit with shapewear capabilities. You only need to know what style and size of the bodysuit to wear as well as how to wear it. So how do you use bodysuit shapewear outfits to make your body look slimmer and the curves more pronounced?  For best results, consider these factors.

Bodysuit Fabric

Choosing the right bodysuit material is key to using it successfully as a shaping garment. If you want a bodysuit to hide fat rolls, choose those made of silver polymer. The fabric offers better compression than other materials among other advantages, such as safety and comfort.

Color of Bodysuit

To make your figure look thinner, choose bodysuit shapewear with one solid color. Solid colors hide problem areas better than those with multiple color patterns. If you want to hide your tummy more effectively, pick dark colors like black or grey for a maximum slimming effect.

Use a Belt around the Waist

You can also wear a belt over the shapewear bodysuit to help you hide fat rolls. Wear a thicker belt to cinch in your waist if you have a long torso, a thinner belt if you’re shorter. You can also add a jacket or cardigan to the bodysuit shapewear outfit for an enhanced slimming effect.

Accessorize Bodysuit Outfit

Accessorize your bodysuit outfit as a means of distraction. Use necklaces, big earrings, and scarves to help you draw attention away from problem areas. You can also choose to wear shoes or boots that cover your ankles, such knee-high boots. A scarf on top of the outfit will also work.

 Bodysuit Shapewear Styles and Color Options


What is the Best Bodysuit Shapewear?

When using bodysuit shapewear, it’s important that you know how to find the perfect type for your figure, or what styles are flattering for different shapes and sizes. Remember, it's not just about hiding the problem areas or feeling sleek under clothing, but also feeling comfortable while wearing it for extended periods of time. Below is a quick guide on what to choose based on specific needs.

Best Women’s Bodysuit Shapewear

A good shaping bodysuit for women will smooth out any lumps and bumps while adding comfort. A good body shaping tights can smooth the excess lumps and lumps in your body and ensure comfort at the same time. Choose underbust bodysuit shapewear if you want a piece that will lift your bust, a strapped style for if looking for extra support. Bodysuit shapewear with bra cups or built-in shelf bra will hold you in place throughout different activity levels.

Best Men’s Bodysuit Shapewear

Shaping bodysuits for men provide great support around the stomach area, giving you a flatter tummy. The best men’s shapewear bodysuits help smooth lumps, lumps or bulges in excess of the body, including the stomach. Go for materials that will firmly hold in your tummy area but are thin enough to wear under other clothes such as silver polymer.

Best Bodysuit Shapewear for Plus Size

When it comes to bodysuit shapewear, plus size buyers often find it difficult to choose the right fabric and bodysuit style. The best bodysuit shapewear for plus size should be a stretchy material. The stretch ensures comfort. Make sure it’s a style that suits your body size.  You may want to consider long sleeve bodysuit shapewear styles. These flatter your figure while also shaping your arms.

Best Bodysuit Shapewear for Wedding Dress

If you are a bride-to-be, then good quality bodysuit shapewear may be just what you need to create that romantic and smooth silhouette. Be sure to choose a fabric that’s both sheer and comfortable. Avoid those that are too tight or those that are too thick. The type of gown will generally determine the style of bodysuit you go for, whether strapped, strapless, and other features.


Using bodysuit shapewear requires a careful approach from choosing the best bodysuit to hide fat to knowing how to wear it. With the right techniques, you can hide your problem areas and enjoy your comfort while improving your silhouette. Generally, the best bodysuit shapewear should be comfortable enough to wear every day, but still sleek and smooth under clothing