How to Wear a Bodysuit with Different Outfits

You can wear bodysuit outfits in many different ways 

Can’t seem to get it right when it comes to how to wear a bodysuit? Well, that happens. That’s why we are here to help. So, whether you’re looking for a way to stay chic at work or an update to your weekend wardrobe, we've got you covered. We’ll be sharing helpful tips on how to wear bodysuits with your other clothes. Keep scrolling!

Bodysuit Benefits- Why Wear a Bodysuit?

It can be frustrating when you don’t know what to wear with your bodysuit. Just like when styling your other clothes, you need to understand the dos and don’ts. But before we get into how to wear bodysuit outfits, let's talk about why this fashion trend deserves a place in your closet.

There are many benefits that come from wearing bodysuits. First, you can style them multiple ways- with shorts, pants, and skirts, jeans, - almost anything! They are great foundations for completing a full looks, but you can still style them as standalone pieces.

A bodysuit outfit will always remain tucked in and make you look sexy and organized. The fitting types hug your torso tightly, providing a flattering look by shaping your figure. Bodysuits also work well when paired with statement necklaces, bracelets, scarves, and other accessories to create new effects.

Clearly, bodysuits, regardless of whether they are bodysuits for men or bodysuits for women, deserve a place in your wardrobe. But how do you ensure a comfortable, stunning look when wearing them? Continue below for thoughts on how to wear a bodysuit with different outfits.

 Black bodysuit with jeans


How do You Wear a Bodysuit?

Bodysuits are a unique clothing item that you can use as underwear or as an outer layer. However, knowing how to style a bodysuit with your clothes is not always easy. So here, we compiled a list of the popular outfits and how to wear them with bodysuit. Go through it for ideas to help you get started.  

1. How to Wear a Bodysuit with Jeans

A bodysuit with jeans is a flashy outfit for ladies and a great fashion statement for all.  For a sporty bodysuit ensemble, wear your bodysuit with a high waisted jeans or pair it with skinny jeans gives you a chic and look. Keep the look interesting by wearing your favorite bomber jacket over it and feel good all through.

Try a ripped pair of blue jeans and team it up with a black, long sleeve bodysuit, then complete your look with ankle boots or sneakers. For a sporty outfit, wear a sleeveless bodysuit with ripped jeans. You can also choose a print bodysuit with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some sneakers for a casual look.

2. How to Wear a Bodysuit with Pants

A bodysuit with pants is an “any-season” fashion trend; an excellent combination for creating an elegant and sexy silhouette. You can sport it in many styles, just by changing your accessories to look different. Wear it to work or for a date by choosing the size of the pants.

It is important to pick up a bodysuit that goes well with your type of body. A suit which is tight-fitting and emphasizes the figure will work stronger than loose bodysuits. For skinny and slim girls, opt for a bodysuit without sleeves for a flattered look.

3. How to Wear a Bodysuit with Shorts

A bodysuit and shorts outfit has been an iconic look for many years now- a great combination that is seen all over the world. The outfit itself is bold, sexy and flirty. There are so many combinations to style it with, you can go for a casual look that's more street wear, or try something dressed up; in either case, a bodysuit-shorts outfit is always an excellent choice.

Just like everything else you wear, there are rules when it comes to styling a bodysuit with shorts. First of all, choose between wearing shorts in different lengths (such as Bermuda shorts, short shorts or high leg cuts) and different styles (pleated, embellished, and others). Do not forget to consider your body type and keep in mind what works best for your shape.

4. How to Wear a Bodysuit with a Skirt

Another great way to wear a bodysuit is pairing it with a skirt. This look is very cool and always on trend for any season. Styling a bodysuit with a skirt can be tricky though, so be sure to remain creative. If you've got some unique styles in your wardrobe, try pairing it with a pencil skirt or another figure-hugging skirt.

If you don't, then go for a more flowy A-line style that hits around the knee area. If you want to look dressier in a bodysuit with skirt, pick a printed bodysuit and style it with a pencil skirt. A fitted blazer will complement your dashing look. You can then finish your wear with a pair of simple pumps and a clutch.

5. How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit

Lace bodysuits are a staple in women's wardrobe and always available. You can find them everywhere and they come in various colors and fabrics. Some of them might seem too sexy for everyday wear, but you can easily find something more discreet and still be fashionable.

Matching sets are also great for these types of bodysuits. Lace bodysuit outfits are wonderful for creating modern and sexy looks. Bodysuit lingerie or lace bodysuit can be styled with various bottoms and for different occasions where you want to look super sexy and attractive.

 Lace bodysuit with built-in bra


Can you wear a Bodysuit with a Bra?

Can you wear a bodysuit with a bra? The answer is... it depends. First, it matters the type of bodysuit you're wearing and its level of sheerness. It also depends on what you will be doing while wearing your bodysuit and whether you have a small or big bust.

Some types of bodysuits are designed or come with their own, built-in bras. When wearing these, you often do not need a separate bra unless you find it necessary. If your bodysuit is an underbust type, you will definitely need to wear a bra, or if the bodysuit material is the sheer type.

If wearing the bodysuit for a lot of physical activity such as gym workouts, we would recommend wearing a bra. Also if you have a big bust and want extra support. All in all, your level of comfort is what matters most.

How to Wear Bodysuit Shapewear

Bodysuit shapewear such as bodysuit corset will either come with a bra or without, strapped or strapless, and other styles. Wear a strapless bodysuit shaper with a skirt for an ultra-chic look. You can go for a pencil skirt or an A-line skirt just like the fit and flare style.

Team up your strapped or strapless shaper bodysuit with pumps, sandals, or high heels depending on how formal you want your outfit to be. For the strapped styles, pair them with either short skirts or maxi skirts. If you're opting for a maxi skirt, pair it with wedges, sandals, or flats. You can go all out with your accessories to spice up your look.

 Bodysuit with a leather pencil skirt


How to Wear a Bodysuit for All Body Types

As you can see, there are so many outfits to wear with your bodysuit. You can wear them with shorts, skirts, jeans, or pants depending on the occasion. You now know the popular types of outfits for the bodysuit, how to wear them and when to wear them. Next, let’s see what body type fits what kind of bodysuit.

Bodysuit for plus Size Figure

When it comes to how to wear a bodysuit, plus size people may feel left out. However, that should not be so. Bodysuits can be worn by pretty much anyone. You only need to understand how to do it so you produce a flattering look. If you have a large bust, a long-sleeve bodysuit is your best choice.

Bodysuit for Slim Figure

If you're a slimmer figure, bodysuits with cut outs will look great on you. If you're tall or have long legs, you'll love wearing the bodysuits with a skirt or dress. Pencil skirts, on the other hand, are perfect for lengthening the leg line and showing off those heels.

Bodysuits that come with built-in bras will give you the illusion of a bigger bust. They provide plenty of lift and shape, plus they’re suitable for all seasons. And while these types of bodysuits are great for everyday wear, they also make awesome layering pieces. For bodysuit tops, you will want to choose the short-sleeved types.

 Wearing a bodysuit with skirt


Bodysuit Outfit Dos and Don’ts

We bet you want make your bodysuit outfits work for you.  After all, it's the hottest trend right now. However there are a few pitfalls to avoid when it comes to how to wear a bodysuits. You want to avoid them at all costs. So below are the bodysuit Dos and Don’ts.

Bodysuit Outfit Dos

  • Wear your bodysuit with high-waisted jeans if you have a big waist or tummy. It will help hide the fat areas.


  • To add some extra shape to your bodysuit outfit, wear a jacket or blazer over the top. Only make sure your choice fits the type of outfit.


  • Whether you're looking to wear your bodysuit as a layering garment or on its own, be sure to take note of the bodysuit neckline to achieve the best look.


  • Bodysuit and jeans outfits are undoubtedly sexy- but that doesn’t prevent you from exploring other combinations. Have several bodysuits pair with different styles of pants, skirts, jeans, or pants.

Bodysuit Don'ts

  • Don't wear anything too tight unless it’s on purpose, such as when wearing boned bodysuit shapewear. You want the bodysuit to serve its purpose.


  • Don’t show too much skin if you do not feel comfortable about it. Wearing a bodysuit should boost your confidence, not kill it.


  • Don’t over decorate your bodysuit outfits. You want to remain modest for assured elegance regardless of the bodysuit style.


  • Don’t wear a bodysuit that does not suit the event or situation, such as mesh bodysuit to work. Know to properly style your outfits.

Bodysuit Accessories

Add interest with some cool accessories to complete your bodysuit outfits- an interesting belt or bag, statement necklace, or even high heels will work well together. But remember less is more so keep everything simple and classic or ruin the whole outfit. You want people to admire what's on the outside rather than looking at all the different pieces that make up your outfit.

For example, if you're pairing a black bodysuit outfit with accessories of the same color, try adding some silver jewelry to give it that subtle contrast. Others include the type of footwear: heels or wedges for a more professional look and sandals or sneakers for a more casual appearance.


Bodysuits are every girl's (and man’s) wardrobe essential, regardless of body type. One of the best things about a bodysuit is that you can wear it with anything and in a wide variety of ways. So, if you're ready to give this versatile style a try (and ensure your outfits run a little smoother), we suggest picking one up. Don't forget all the styling tips on how to wear a bodysuit offered in this article!