Neoprene Sauna Suit vs. Silver Sauna Suit

What is the difference between the traditional neoprene sauna suits and the upgraded silver sauna suits? Find out in this article.

Neoprene Sauna Suit vs. Silver Sauna Suit



Silver sauna suits are the latest in the sauna suit fabric technology. The material offers more benefits both in terms of performance and durability. Silver suits are also comfortable and skin-friendly – crucial attributes for a garment that directly contacts your skin. So, how do silver sweatsuits compare to the traditional neoprene, weight loss sauna suit? In this post, we highlight the benefits and drawbacks of each fabric. You will also learn why silver polymer is the better material.

How are Neoprene and Silver Sauna Suits Different?

Both silver and neoprene sauna suits are available today, but they also have their unique characteristics. Whether buying a sauna suit jacket, sauna vest, sauna pants or full body suit, the type of material is a major factor to take into account. It determines many things from how well the suit can contain heat to how comfortable it feels. Now that you know about the two material options, let's discuss them in detail.

Neoprene Sauna Suits

Neoprene is a synthetic rubber material, stretchy and waterproof. For a long time, it has been one of the several materials used to make sauna suits. But do neoprene sauna suits work? And if they do, what are their benefits and downsides? To answer these questions, we need to understand the purpose of a sauna suit.

The sauna suit purpose is to make you sweat more. This helps you burn more calories, lose water weight, and other health benefits such as improve circulation and grow muscles. Even though neoprene is stretchy, it might not be the best material for sauna suits. It has it downsides.

The most obvious weakness comes from its low ability to hold in body heat. So you take longer to sweat and do not burn as many calories. Plus sweating in a neoprene suit can make you feel uncomfortable due to its low breathability.

Neoprene material also produces a characteristic pungent smell when you sweat profusely.  According to many neoprene sauna suit reviews, users find the odor repulsive.  Neoprene fabric can also cause skin allergies in some people. If you’re sensitive to the material, it means you cannot use a neoprene fabric sauna suit.  

Another disadvantage of neoprene fabric for sauna suit is the short lifespan. The material tears easily and doesn’t last for long, especially if used regularly and in outdoor environments. That can mean more costs in addition to having to take extra care when exercising while wearing the suit.

Silver Polymer Sauna Suits

Silver polymer is the newest sauna suit material today. Lightweight and soft to the skin, the fabric makes workouts easy and your weight goals easier to achieve. The lightweight nature of silver sauna suits also makes the suit great for vigorous gym activities and running or jogging.

The silver polymer sauna suit design includes a silver layer to hold in heat. This layer allows you to quickly build up heat and sweat more within a short period – up to 5 times more than when using other fabrics. That means you’re burning calories faster and getting health results quickly.

A silver sweat suit is also skin-friendly, and will not cause harm even when you’re sweating profusely. The material does not produce a smell too, which is one of the main reasons for its popularity among fitness enthusiasts.

Other advantages of silver sauna suits include their excellent expandability. This makes them suit different activities while also allowing you to work out for longer periods per session. They’re also pretty thin and lightweight, a quality that makes them packable and easy to carry around.

 the sauna suit material determines its performance and durability


Neoprene Sauna Suit vs. Silver Polymer Sauna Suit

When buying a sauna suit for weight loss and other benefits, you will likely need to choose between a neoprene and silver polymer suit among other fabrics. So which is the better suit? To give you a clearer picture of their differences and help you make a wise choice, here is a breakdown of the benefits of each.

Effectiveness – silver sweatsuits offer more advantages than neoprene suits when it comes to performance. With a silver fabric, you sweat more and faster. That translates to better results with your sauna suits in the long run. Cheap neoprene sauna suits do not perform in the same level and results take longer to show.

Comfort – silver sauna suits are thin and expandable, which means higher flexibility for a wide range of workouts. You will find them more usable than neoprene sauna suits which, although adequately stretchy, can become uncomfortable and produce a repulsive smell when sweaty.

Skin safety – unlike neoprene, silver suits do not cause allergic reactions on people with sensitive skin. That makes the silver polymer sauna suit a safer choice for you. If looking for a quality and skin-friendly suit, silver polymer may be the only option.  

Durability – a neoprene sauna suit will tear if you happen to catch it on something. Silver sauna suits are a hard-wearing material, tear-proof and durable. If you follow the care instructions, you can expect to get years of use out of your silver sauna suit. That means a cost-effective workout suit in the long term.

Cost – the silver polymer sauna suit price is higher than that of neoprene suit. But then, you’re paying for quality which includes greater comfort, better heat retention, and wear-resistance among other advantages. Cheap sauna suits made from neoprene lack these attributes.

Both neoprene and silver suits are available when looking for a sweat suit to exercise in and meet your fitness goals. However, one type is more superior to the other- and on many fronts. If you suffer from neoprene-sensitive skin, then the silver polymer material is your best choice. Also if looking for an expandable and comfortable sauna suit to exercise in.


With sauna suits, the type of material can make a huge difference. Some sauna suit materials types are more comfortable than others- or more durable. Some are even safer than others, breathable and allergy-free. There are several types of sauna suit materials available today. If looking for a quality suit that has all the mentioned attributes, silver suits fit the bill. Only be sure to purchase the suit from a reputable seller or manufacturer.