Sauna Suit Benefits You Should Know About

Learn about the top 5 benefits of sauna suits and what they mean for your health

sauna suit benefits range from weight loss to general fitness


For many people, sauna suit benefits revolve around losing weight. While that's true, shedding pounds isn't the only benefit. There are many other gains. All these count toward your body's overall health, and range from ridding your body of toxins to improved circulation. Here, we bring you a review of the 5 major benefits of sauna suits that you should be aware of.

Sauna Suit Benefit #1 Accelerates Weight Loss

Using a sauna suit to cut weight is the number one priority for most fitness enthusiasts. It's also one of the product's main advantages. Sauna suit weight loss works in two ways; the instant way where you lose water weight, and the long-term way where you shed fat and lose weight over a long period. Here is what happens:

The benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising include increased sweat and trapped heat. Wearing a sauna suit during workouts, the trapped heat helps you sweat more. That means a few pounds off your body weight and popularly known as losing water weight. Professional fighters use this technique to make them fit specific weight categories.

Sauna suits also promote fat oxidation, the process to convert stored far into energy when the muscles are working hard.

During the increased thermal activity when exercising the suit, the metabolic rate increases and more fat gets burned. The amount of fat burned and its location is determined by several things, such type of suit, type of workout, and duration.

A word of caution, though; even with the best sauna suit, weight loss won't happen overnight. Expect it to take time. The duration to see results will depend on the type of workouts while wearing the sweat suit, with some producing results earlier than others.

Sauna Suit Benefit #2 Helps your Body Remove Toxins

Sweating does more than cool your body. It helps it remove toxins. This is one of the main benefits of wearing a sauna suit while exercising, and solidly backed by science. According to this study by a team of scientists, the skin is an important route that the body uses to excrete toxins (through sweat).

The study also identified various metals that were expelled through sweating, some of which are carcinogenic. The metals include cadmium, arsenic, mercury, and lead.

Most importantly, the study singled out methods that accelerated the process such as the sauna effect, either by sitting in the traditional sauna or wearing the modern-age sauna suit.

Some toxins that were more likely to be expelled via sweat than urine, too. From the findings, it's evident that regular use of a sauna suit helps with expelling harmful chemicals. In other words, your entire body's health will change to become better.

Sauna Suit Benefit #3 Increases blood flow

The purpose of a sauna suit is to warm up your body by retaining the heat that it produces when the muscles are working hard. The heat itself will cause an increase in the overall circulation of your blood. That, in turn, means the transportation of more nutrients and oxygen to all of the parts of your body that need it.

A number of things are bound to happen; you begin to experience better recovery after a workout, lower muscle soreness, and more fat burning to lose weight. With more nutrients to the cells, you become healthier. Your mental state also improves as the brain receives more oxygen.

Sauna Suit Benefit #4 Enhances Cardio and Oxygen Uptake

Your body heats up from the sauna suit effect, and its core temperature gets higher and higher. As a result, you end up feeling more energetic. This is because more blood is flowing and delivering nutrients and oxygen faster than before.

The demand placed by the sauna suit also causes your volumetric uptake of oxygen to increase, says a recent study. The study, which was conducted to measure performance-based sauna suit benefits, had a group of volunteers train for 2 weeks while wearing the garment.

The study findings showed a significant increase in VO2max and ventilation threshold among participants who wore sauna suits. This goes to confirm the gains that users can expect from the suit.

While it's not likely that you will be able to lift heavier weights, the additional energy is definitely welcomed when trying to perform intense workouts. You will find exercises less tiring due to the increased endurance levels.

Sauna Suit Benefit #5 Aids Muscle Recovery and Growth

Workouts cause the muscles to suffer "tear and wear". Every fitness enthusiast knows how crucial it is to allow worn muscles to heal. Often, you do that by inserting rest days in your workout plan.  Using a sauna suit promotes the recovery of such muscles.

The heat trapped by your sauna suit also has a soothing effect on the muscles and may even relieve pain and soreness. You must have heard about “heat therapy”, or how heat helps sore and paining muscles heal. That's what happens when working out while wearing your sauna suit, and one of its many benefits.

Wearing a sauna suit also helps your muscles to grow. According to science, this happens during the intense heat situation when training in the suit. The heat causes the increased release of heat stress proteins. These proteins, together with the human grown hormone, help with muscle growth, also called muscle hypertrophy.


Sauna suits are a great way to improve your health. They help you lose weight, release toxins, and many other things. In order to achieve the sauna suit benefits mentioned here, it's important that you use the garment correctly.

Choose a high-quality sauna suit too, that will make you sweat out but not make you feel uncomfortable. Most importantly, be patient. Sauna suit results will not happen overnight but will definitely come with persistent use of the suit.