Sauna Suit Pros and Cons

Sauna suit provide both advantages and disadvantages: check out this list of sauna suit pros and cons and get to know what to expect.

 using a sauna suit offers both good and bad sides


What are the good and bad sides of sweat suits? This article explains the sauna suit pros and cons so you can know what to expect when using it as a fitness garment. More importantly, you will know what to do to avoid sauna suit side effects since most result from the wrong use of the product. There are also situation that prohibit you from using a sauna suit altogether, such as medical conditions. It’s important that you’re aware of them. Learn about them by reading to the end.

Sauna Suit Pros

The advantages of using a sauna suit are very well-known to people who have used it regularly in the past. Not only does it help you cut weight, but it also helps improve your health in many ways. This garment is quite popular among celebrities, fitness enthusiasts, and virtually anyone looking to better their health. The sauna suit advantages include the following:

1. Sauna Suit help Expel Toxins

Sauna suit exercise promotes sweating, a lot of it. While that is intended to raise the body temperature and aid weight loss, it has another major benefit. The sweat helps expel many toxins including heavy metals and unwanted minerals. With the profuse sweating induced by the suit, you can be sure that you’re expelling many of these toxins- and keeping yourself healthier.

2. Sauna Suits Burn fat

Not literally, though. Sauna suits burn fat by retaining your body’s heat when working out. The resulting thermal activity leads to increased metabolism, fat oxidation and finally, reduced weight. And no, the suit will not work on its own to burn fat and cause you to lose weight. You need to combine its action with the right type of exercises and proper diet.

3. Great for the Muscles

Muscle tears are inevitable, especially when engaging in strenuous exercises. That’s why you normally feel sore after a workout. With a sauna suit, your muscles take a shorter time to recover. Apart from the improved blood flow, the heat of sauna suit workouts triggers the release of heat shock hormones. These help heal the muscles. The heat also soothes the affected tissue to relieve pain.

4. Sauna Suits Improve Circulation

One of the good things about sweat suits is that they help to increase blood flow. During your workouts, blood will rush to the skin, muscles, and just about anywhere else. Increased circulation means many benefits such as higher energy levels, improved cardio, and healthier body organs. You get all that from exercising in a sauna suit. Regular workouts of that kind and you will notice a significant change.

5. Sauna Suits Build endurance

The intensity of sauna suit workouts causes drastic changes in the way your body reacts to heath stress. The muscles adapt to working hard in high heat conditions, which conditions them to endure prolonged and intense exercise demands. At the same time, there’s increased blood flow to the muscles and other tissue, increased oxygen uptake, too and better muscle recovery. These changes combine to improve your aerobic fitness.

6. Sauna Suits Boost Immunity

This had to make it to the list of sauna suit pros and cons. Why? Because it’s one of the overlooked sweat suit advantages, despite its significance. Surprisingly, sauna suits do boost immunity. This is confirmed by this study on the effects of heat shock proteins in the human body.  Now, sweat suits work by retaining body heat. That leads to the release of heat shock proteins and improved immunity.

7. You can Use them Almost Anywhere

Sauna suits offer amazing flexibility. Yu can wear them almost anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. If you don't have access to an actual sauna, you can still wear a sauna suit and reap all of the benefits. You can also wear one while out jogging, relaxing at home or even just lounging on the couch! In other words, a sauna suit makes your fitness plan a lot more fun.

8. Sauna Suits are Simple to Use

You do not need to be a fitness expert to use sauna suits. You do not need any prior experience with them either; only a few tips about how to use the suit safely so you can avoid dehydration and overheating. Some are separate pieces, and a breeze to put on. The best thing is that you can use them in the suit in the simplest way possible such as walking or jogging.

9. Retain Heat in Cold Weather

Sweat suits are an excellent training garment if you live in cold climates. Use them to keep your body warm when exercising outdoors.  Because of their ability to hold in body heat, you can be sure to keep extreme cold from reaching your body. The result? Comfortable workouts, especially if involved in light exercises such as walking.

 sauna suit disadvantages mostly involve incorrect use


Sauna Suit Cons

Sauna suits are great fitness garments, especially for losing weight. However, they have their bad side - just like any other product in their category. To finish up with the sauna suit pros and cons, let’s look at the disadvantages or the side effects associated with them. This will give you an overview of the downsides when you have chosen the suit. The sauna suit side effects and disadvantages include the following.

1. Can Cause your Body to Overheat

The main purpose of a sauna suit as fitness garment is to prevent the body from cooling itself and the heat escaping into the air. That’s why it’s usually a waterproof material. As you can expect, the temperature can easily reach dangerous levels to cause your body to overheat. But that often happens if the user refuses to listen to good advice and adopts strenuous exercises among and longer exercise sessions.

2. You Can Get Dehydrated

You lose a lot of water when exercising with a sauna suit. Unless you’re adequately hydrated, you may end up losing too much of it. That can be dangerous but easy to prevent.  You can avoid dehydrating your body by drinking plenty of water just before or after your training sessions. By listening to how your body feels, too, and taking the action to stop if you feel dizzy.

3. Can Feel Uncomfortable

Some sauna suits can make you feel uncomfortable depending on their design. Also if you choose the wrong size for your body and the suit is too loose or too tight. Some types of sauna suit material such neoprene, may trigger allergic reactions in some people. To prevent all these sauna suit downsides, ensure that you pick the right size, design, and material. You could choose a silver polymer or PVC and nylon suit, for example, instead of neoprene material.

4. Cannot be used with Certain Health conditions

You cannot use sweat suits if you suffer from some conditions such as diabetes, for example. That would put you at risk of complications. You cannot use it if you have severe skin allergies such as eczema, too. The suit makes you sweat a lot, which can make you weak or the skin to become itchy. However, not all medical conditions can prevent you from wearing a sauna suit, especially for moderate exercises such as walking. If in doubt, talk to your doctor first.


The sauna suit effectiveness is basically gauged by what it can do and what it cannot. When actively using one, the effectiveness mostly depends on your usage methods. Going by the points in this article, it’s obvious that sauna suit benefits far outweigh the downsides. So go on and obtain one for yourself. As we have seen, your journey toward a healthier self should start with finding the right suit for you. After that, use it correctly to achieve the best of results. If you're thinking about getting into the sauna, be sure to consult with your doctor. Not everyone can relax in a sauna, especially if you have a chronic disease or health condition.