Waist Corset Training for Beginners-Get Started With Corsets

Waist corset training is a great way to your desired figure. In this post, we show you how to corset waist-train at home and as a beginner.

 wearing corset for the first time

One of the most asked questions about waist corset training is: How do I start wearing a corset? Well, wearing a corset is simple enough. However, using it successfully requires more than simply putting it on. Plus waist corset trainers come in different styles and fabrics, which can mean different results. This corset waist training guide will make your first corseting session a breeze.


What is Waist Corset Training and How Does it Work?    

Waist corset training involves wearing a specially designed garment (corset) around your midsection for hours at a time. If you’re wondering if corsets slim your waist, the answer is yes. Corsets cinch and compress the torso, helping to reduce it over time. Here is how it happens:

  • A corset is made from a fabric and boned for support. When worn, it presses against the upper part of the abdomen and sits over the floating ribs.
  • By wearing a waist corset trainer consistently and for some time, your midsection sculpts to fit in the corset’s shape. The acquired figure then depends on the style of the corset and level of tightness, among other factors.
  • Generally, you end up with a smaller waist and a flatter stomach. If you’re a woman, waist corset traininghelps bring out the feminine figure; well-defined, curvy hips and a lifted bust.
  • Men benefit from corsets by flattening or toning their stomachs to improve the masculine figure and shape.

Secondary benefits of waist corset training include better posture, reduced appetite that leads to weight loss, and help with controlling back pain. Let’s now look at how to train waist with corsets.

 how to train waist with corsets

Getting Started With Waist Corset Training

Before starting your waist training regimen, ensure that you have the right type of corset for your goals.  That means a corset that will effectively slim your waist. The right corset for waist training also means a fitting size- not too large and not too small. Measure your size correctly (using a vinyl tape), and use the results to pick your corset size.

In addition to type and size, choose the right corset design. A steel-boned corset stands out as the best type to train your waist. It offers excellent support and compression. The best steel-boned corset for waist training should also be made from a high-quality material or fabric.

For fabric, we recommend silver polymer. It offers everything you would need in a corset for waist training: breathability, durability, and comfort. Silver polymer is also odorless, lightweight, and does not irritate your skin.  


Waist Corset Training Day One

The first session of waist corset training is bound to be less comfy. Your body isn't used to it yet. However, learning how to properly use a corset for the first time can help make it less challenging. So here, we highlight the steps to use a corset for waist training. These include how to wear the corset, how to lace it up, remove it, and how break it in. Read about them below.


How to Wear a Waist Training Corset

Being your first time to using a waist corset shaper, you may feel unsure about what to do. Do not worry. Waist corsets are not difficult to put on except for a few things here and there. To ensure the correct process, use these simple steps.

  • Start by spreading your corset with the laces facing up
  • Next, loosen the X’s. Start with the middle laces
  • Once loosened, wear the corset around your midsection
  • Ensure the hooks on the front closure are on the right side

You can choose to wear your waist corset trainer either over or under your clothes. It depends on what you like best and where it fits in with your fashion choices. For a corset to wear under your clothes, ensure it’s made from thin material such as silver polymer corsets, so the corsets will not be showing off. 


How to Lace a Waist Corset

You’re now in the second phase of wearing your corset. Since it’s your first time, you need to know how to tighten the laces and to what level of tightness. Here is how to tie a waist training corset.

  • Close the busk (front closure) using the provided hooks and clasps
  • Do not worry if you miss a clasp. Close it after you’re done with the others
  • Position the corset so its waist outline sits on yours.
  • Ensure the modesty panel at the back  is pulled out and covering your clothes or skin
  • Pull the X’s to tighten the corset around your midsection and tie them in a knot or bow


How to Remove a Waist Corset

Now that you have figured out how to wear your waist corset trainer properly without any discomfort, it's time to learn how to remove it safely. Here is how to go about it.

  • Start by undoing the lace bow or knot
  • After that, loosen the corset laces so it is easier to remove
  • Open the busk (front closure)
  • Gently remove your corset once loosened

You may clean the corset before storage or store it right away; over the clothes corsets may not need regular cleaning like those that make contact with the skin. Remember, corsets are made of both fabric and metal parts and should not be machine washed.


Breaking your Waist Corset in

High-quality waist corsets are made of steel boning and panel of quality fabric. As such, your brand new corset may feel stiff and uncomfortable. This is normal. Only avoid tightening it too closely the first time. Just like shoes, you need to break it in; a process also called corset seasoning.

In order to soften your new corset, start by wearing it for a few hours (1-2 hours) and less tightly during the first days. Remember to break in your new corset slowly! Even if you are used to wearing waist shaping garments, start out by wearing your new one for a couple hours at a time. Check out this video.

After the breaking in period, you can now wear your corset for waist training more tightly and for longer hours. Gradually increase the time to wear the corset until you are used to wearing it all day long. Your training won't be as difficult since you already know how to wear a corset.

 breaking your waist corset in

Waist Corset Training Corset Tips

At the end of the day, it's important to use your corset correctly. By learning how to wear and tighten the waist corset lacing to your preferred level of tightness, for example. These tips will make your journey to a slimmer waist or hourglass figure easier and more effective.

#1: Be sure that you have the correct size corset before you begin. If it's too big, it will gap in the back and not be as supportive. If it's too small, you'll feel pinching and pulling at your skin.

#2: Always wear a waist trainer corset with strings or laces tightened to provide a firm fit, or you will likely experience slippage while wearing it. It should be nice and snug (not too tight or loose).

#3: your corset they will give even after lacing it tightly and need to be tightened up, and this is normal. You can tighten the laces by pulling them through the eyelets or loops.

#4: Wear your waist corset trainer during daily activities such as house chores. You can either do this by wearing a corset underneath your clothing, or over the top of it

#5:  Avoid engaging in strenuous activities or those that involve a lot of bending while wearing your corset, so that you don't bend it out of shape. This will also help you to avoid pinching or pulling the laces.

#6: If you experience any discomfort or feel unwell while wearing your corset, immediately remove it by unlacing it in the front and back.

Doing all of these things will help to improve your figure much faster, and will even give you instant results. The tips will also help ensure a safe waist corset training regimen. It’s important to know that any discomfort will slowly fade away as you become used to wearing waist corsets.



Waist training should not be difficult if you apply the correct procedures. By following the steps in this waist corset training guide, you will easily start your fitness regimen for that hourglass figure- or flatter stomach if you’re a man.