Waist Corset vs. Waist Trainer: What is the Difference?

What is the waist corset and waist trainer difference? Here is what you need to know about waist corsets and waist trainers. 

 The waist corset vs. waist trainer

Many people get confused between a waist corset vs. waist trainer. But are the two shaping garments really different? To answer that question, we take a look at the meaning of each. We will also be looking at the waist trainer and corset difference to help you understand them better.

Waist Corset vs. Waist Trainer

When looking to invest in a waist shaping garment, you will often find most called either waist trainer or corset. That can overwhelm you, especially if you’re new to the world of shapewear. In order to understand the two terms, let's see the meaning of each. 

Waist Corset Meaning

A corset is a steel boned shaping garment that you wear around your midsection. It comes in many styles and can be a waist and hip corset or waist only corset. The garment usually tightens in the back using laces. It compresses the floating ribs to provide you with a better figure over time, or reduce your waist instantly.

A waist corset is meant to be worn for a long period, on a daily basis or almost daily- so that the compression produces the desired figure. The regular wear of a corset will even displace fat to give you a flatter tummy with time.

Waist Trainer Meaning

A waist trainer is a garment that you wear to reduce or shape your waist. It's a collective term for waist garments, and used to describe both waist corset and waist cincher. So a waist corset is a type of waist trainer, but usually boned to give it form and rigidity.

Waist trainers can or cannot be used with workouts. A steel boned corset, for example, is not meant for exercising in. On the other hand, a waist cincher is something to shape the waist with while also engaging in workouts to lose weight.

What do Waist Training Corsets do?

A waist corset and waist training is one same thing. Waist corsets compress your torso to reduce your waist and flatten your stomach. This is generally called waist training and is usually achieved by wearing the corset every day or almost daily.

Many people find that wearing a waist corset also helps to relieve back pain. Corsets are made from a strong fabric material that’s boned for support. When worn around the midsection, it supports the back to provide relief from the pain that may result from injuries.


Waist cinchers are different from waist corsets

Waist Corset vs. Waist Cinchers

As you are now aware, we cannot compare a waist corset vs. and waist trainer. A waist corset is a type of waist trainer or a garment to compress the torso and give it form. So we can only compare a corset with a waist cincher. Learn about the differences below.

Waist Corset vs. Waist Cincher: Design

Waist corsets are designed to fit tightly around your torso. As such, they are made from solid fabric material and infused with steel bones. They also use laces to ensure different levels of tightness and hourglass shape. In some styles of the corset, hook and a zipper closures are added for convenience and other advantages. Waist cinchers are usually made from a stretch material and supplied with a hook and eye closure.

Waist Corset vs. Waist Cincher: Purpose

Generally, corsets reduce and shape your waist to make it slimmer while also showing off the curves. That provides both instant and long term benefits. Waist cinchers are designed to shape your figure and give you a smaller waist by compressing the abdominal area and flattening your stomach. They are mostly used to temporarily shape the waist and help reduce weight during workouts.

Waist Corset vs. Waist Cincher: Results

With steel bones to offer support and rigidity, the compression of a waist training corset is much more powerful compared to a waist cincher. So waist corset results are more significant than those of waist cinchers. 0n the other hand, waist cincher results for the waist are mostly temporary but can be long term when use is extended over a long period- up to several weeks or months.

Waist Corset vs. Waist Cincher: Price

Waist corsets feature a more complex construction and are more expensive than cinchers. There are laces, layers of fabrics, grommets, and other parts. These cost money to produce. A cincher, on the other hand, is often only made of fabric and a single closure consisting of hooks and eyes. However, the results of corset waist trainers are dramatic and worth the price.

Waist Corset or Waist Cincher?

There isn’t any right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing whether you should wear a waist cincher or waist training corset. The most important thing is your ultimate goal and the results you intend to achieve.


So, wear both to achieve different results. Many people finding owning both corsets and waist cinchers of great benefit. You get to reduce the waist for an hourglass figure in the long run while also enjoying the advantages of a workout garment in the waist cincher.



Waist corsets are a type of waist trainer. They are designed to be worn for longer periods to slim the waist over time and accentuate your curves, among other physical benefits. Corset manufacturers try to diversify their products and offer them in different styles and price ranges.

 So you have many options to choose from when buying one. It’s important to remember that the more expensive the corset, the higher the quality and a waist trainer that will provide results and won’t rip after several uses.