Waist Trainers in a Week, How to Get Waist trainer Results Quickly

Many of those starting out hope to get waist trainer results in a week, but is it possible? We answered the question in this article. We also added tips on how to accelerate your waist trainer results. Read on for more concerning for the kind of corset or cincher to use, the number of hours to wear it, and other important rules when corseting if using a waist cincher.
Waist Trainer Results

Waist Trainer Results in a Week, What to Expect

Waist training refers to the process of conditioning your waist to a slim size and flattening your tummy. Usually, you use a waist trainer to do that and combine it with other weight loss methods. You then notice changes as the trainer causes the waist to pull.

From the evidence of many users and the advice of experts, it's actually possible to get moderate waist trainer results in a week. However, do not expect dramatic changes until several weeks later, sometimes even months. That's because waist training is a gradual process. Results also depend on several factors such as:

    • The type of waist trainer. Corsets produce results more quickly
    • Your diet and exercise routine. If combined with weight loss methods such as dieting and workouts, waist trainer results take shorter to become evident.
    • Your natural body size and shape. Some people start on a hourglass figure, other a straighter shape or bigger waist size.
    • Your genetics. Some people naturally take longer to slim at the waist than others.

Generally, the first change to notice is that you waist slims by as much as 3-5 inches as soon as you put on your waist trainer. That alone can improve your confidence and esteem when around people.

Better still, you will find that you can cinch your waist trainer much tighter than before. This is a sure sign that something is taking place- one of the most promising results to expect in the first week. You will also find that your stomach assumes a better shape and starts showing signs of flattening.

Other changes that you will notice in the first week include reduced food intake, especially when wearing a waist trainer while eating. And if exercising in the shaper, that your perspiration rate increases and helps to intensify workouts.

Your postures will also improve considerably in the first week and you will see that you can sit and walk with a straight back. Some users even report alleviated back pain. To realize these results soon, check out this 1-week waist trainer challenge for beginners.

Day 1

Wear your waist trainer for around 2 hours only. Focus on conditioning your body to being in a waist trainer. You're also breaking in the waist shaper so it becomes less stiff and comfortable. Avoid overdoing anything on the first day, including tightening the trainer around the midsection or the length of time you spend wearing it.

Day 2-3

Continue with the 2 hour waist training. Your body is beginning to feel accustomed to the waist trainer and you should feel a little bit more at ease wearing it. Despite that, ensure that you stay alert to any feelings of discomfort. If, for example, there's pain in any part covered by the corset or cincher, remove it quickly until you can establish the cause of the pair.

Day 4-5

You are now in a position to increase the time to wear your waist shaper. Use it for at least 3 hours. If possible, combine it with sessions of walking exercises. You could also fasten it tighter than the first few days now that you are used to wearing it.

Day 5-6

Increase the hours to 4.

Day 7

As a beginner, you do not want to overstretch your body. So experts recommend taking the day off. We do, too, so your muscles can get time to regain strength, among other benefits.

Day 8-14 and Onwards

Wear the waist trainer for between 5 and 8 hours. The maximum you could consider is 10 hours. Again, listen to your body and avoid extremes.

Tracking Waist Trainer Results

How to Get Waist Trainer Results Quickly, Tips

In order to get waist trainer results in a week, it's essential to ensure that you work hard towards them, but without overdoing it. Instant results include a slimmer waist and better body shape, no doubt about that. Results that could be considered permanent will come later. However, your actions will determine when and how you succeed with your waist training. These tips will prove useful.

    1. Wear your waist trainer consistently. Many people who achieved tremendous results did so, wearing their trainers for several hours daily.
    2. Ensure that you the right type for fast results. A fitting waist trainer corset with steel bones is a perfect example.
    3. Combine your waist training with workout. While at it, ensure you have a type of waist trainer fabric that will aid fat loss such as latex.
    4. Adopt healthy eating. Consume the right types of foods and avoiding bingeing on your meals. Instead, consider small portions throughout the day.
    5. If unable to use your waist shaper during the day, consider doing so at night. Sleeping with a waist trainer around your midsection allows you to enjoy its benefits without interfering with your daytime activities.
    6. Fasten the waist trainer tighter as the days go by to catch up with the slimming waist. Only ensure that you do not go overboard and make the process uncomfortable by over tightening it.

Waist Trainer Results Before And After

Tracking Waist Trainer Before and After Results

It's important to track your waist trainer results. That way, you can quantify changes and tell if you're making progress or not. With the results, you can tell what's working and needs upholding or what's not working and requires ditching. Let's see the ways to do that.

Take Measurements

Using a vinyl or soft fabric tape measure, take waist measurements all along your waist training process, right from the beginning. The measurements will not only help you track progress, but are important when ordering a new waist trainer type for your current needs. Do so weekly (or at least once every month) and record them in a journal.

When measuring the waist, it's recommended to ensure the tape rests on your natural waist. You can easily find it by bending a little on the side. The deepest fold on the midsection is where your waist is and where you should place the tape. Ensure, also, that the tape is parallel to the floor and stout but not too tight.

Take Photos

Just like measurements, photos will help you compare waist trainer before and after results. Only make sure they are high-quality and taken in places with enough natural light. In addition to helping you gauge progress, photos can motivate you to continue the waist training process.

Consider taking your photos in the morning when lighting is ideal. This is the time, also, when your stomach is not full. It's also advisable to take separate shots; while wearing your waist trainer and without. The idea is to have a proper documentation of your waist training process.

Do not worry too much

Avoid worrying if you do not get waist trainer results in a week or even month. This is normally a gradual process, plus bodies are different. Your body's ability to adapt to the waist trainer's size is partly hardwired in your genes and some people may achieve success earlier than others.

You may also be doing something incorrectly such as using a waist trainer that's somewhat large and not cinching your waist properly. Or you could be under-tightening the trainer and not pulling your waist to a slimmer size as adequately as it should. In all these situations, your waist trainer results are bound to delay.


Waist training is a journey. That said, it's still possible to get modest waist trainer results in a week. You shouldn't expect them to be significant though, such as an hourglass figure from none. The process requires patient and dedication. Additionally, other aspects of your lifestyle such as diet and exercise also come into play to determine your success with the waist trainer.