What Can You Wear With Lace Bodysuit? 

Black Lace Bodysuit


You’ve seen it everywhere- the lace bodysuit! And it looks like it's here to stay. True, there's nothing more romantic than a pretty lace bodysuit paired with various bottoms and other clothes or accessories. But how do you tell the best combination? If you’re always wondering how to wear a lace bodysuit, we've got the answer. We’ll provide ideas that will help you put together an amazing outfit.

What to Wear with Lace Bodysuit

A lace bodysuit in your wardrobe means many different ways to look sexy and fantastic. However, these bodysuits give a more daring look when paired with specific clothes. So you need to know when to wear them and what to wear them with if you want to look outstanding. Below are lace bodysuit outfit ideas to try out

Pairing a Lace Bodysuit with Pants

If you're going to wear a lace bodysuit, chances are you have more of them in your closet. What do you do with multiple lace bodysuits? Pair them with different pants! Here, we’re talking about a lace bodysuit top with whatever pants you have.

It gives a bit of an edge and makes this romantic piece casual. You may want to keep your lace bodysuit outfit more feminine, with something light on top and dark on the bottom.  You could also play with the lace- just make sure your bottoms don't overpower it.

Pairing a Lace Bodysuit with Jeans

If you're having trouble finding bottoms to match your lace top, try pairing it with your favorite pair of jeans! A lace bodysuit outfit with jeans looks simple yet complete. You can wear any type of jeans- bootcut, ripped, skinny or boyfriend jeans; just make sure the lace is visible (if not, it fails to be a lace top).

A long sleeve lace bodysuit with jeans is an awesome way to style lace bodysuits. The outfit is stylish yet still very comfortable, which makes them perfect for just about anything from casual outings to dinner dates. A cool trick is pairing the outfit with sneakers for a chic look.

Pairing a Lace Bodysuit with Shorts

A lace bodysuit with shorts is a simple yet fantastic outfit. Wear shorts in an opposing color (if your lace top is dark, wear light shorts) or in a contrasting material. You can choose to either leave it plain or add an interesting detail on the bottom of the shorts- maybe that studded belt? Just make sure it's not too complicated.

Mixing prints is always a great idea. In fact, mixing several different prints in one outfit can be really flattering when done right. Try pairing long sleeve lace bodysuit with printed shorts for an interesting look. Make sure to keep the details in mind so that your outfit doesn't seem too jumbled and chaotic. Accessorizing well will help you avoid that problem.

Pairing a Lace Bodysuit with Skirts

You can pair your lace bodysuit with a skirt well - choose tights according to the style and length of your skirt. Just make sure the skirt is either longer or shorter than the bodysuit. If you choose to go for a shorter skirt, try wearing opaque tights underneath! You can also go for a longer skirt, and have it flow over the lace. Another idea is to try plaid- the print looks great with any lace bodysuit top.

A lace bodysuit and skirt has such a feminine look and feel to it that makes the outfit perfect for any occasion. You can pair this style with just about any type of skirt you like as long as they're both the right sizes for you. Don't forget the heels either because they make this kind of lace bodysuit look really amazing!

Pairing a Lace Bodysuit with Leggings

Leggings are a must-have for all seasons. You can pair them with nearly everything including a black or white lace top bodysuit. And since they're so versatile, you should definitely own a lace bodysuit that matches your favorite colors and style. You can pair it with a printed or patterned skirt for some texture and color.

When in doubt and looking for leggings to suit with lace bodysuit, pick leather. Leather leggings are a popular choice nowadays. They make an outfit look edgy and chic. The lace bodysuit provides the perfect contrast to the dark tones of the leather leggings. Just rock your favorite pair of shoes and you’ll be good to go.


Black Lace Bodysuit with Shorts

Tips on How to Wear a Lace Bodysuit

Lace bodysuits can be worn in many different ways. It can be a bodysuit with only a skirt or jeans, sometimes a lace bodysuit outfit with jacket and jeans, or lace bodysuit with blazer and pants. Here are our cool tips which will make your outfits more interesting and eye-catching or even more useful.

  1. In addition to styling your lace bodysuits with various bottoms, consider layering them with a blazer or jacket. Layering never seems to go out of style, especially when it comes to dressing up your favorite pieces from your wardrobe!
  2.  A black lace bodysuit suits most occasions: The perfect ensemble for a girl's night out, a day at the office, or a romantic dinner- generally a lace bodysuit for going out.
  3. If wearing a bodysuit for fashion as well as cinch your waist, consider a lace bodysuit corsetfor the best of both worlds. Lace bodysuit shapewear will make you look sexy while contouring your figure or silhouette.   
  4. For a lace bodysuit for plus size, consider long sleeves. A lace bodysuit with sleeves will flatter your body shape by taking away the attention from your torso.
  5. Try matching your lace bodysuit with a pair of high-waisted shorts for a more casual outfit or sandals for an interesting look.
  6. Try wearing lace bodysuits with boots for an interesting winter outfit.
  7. If you're going out for a club and you want your outfit to be really eye-catching,try wearing some sexy skirts or tight jeans with lace tight jumpersand then try wearing ripped jeans with a lace bodysuit. You’ll have a perfect lace bodysuit for going out.


Lace bodysuits look amazing on pretty much everyone and really flatter your figure in all the right ways, so they're definitely worth looking into if you want a “going out” bodysuit. From casual outfits for spring break or summer barbecues to more formal dinner dates with friends or family, there are just so many different things you can do with this kind of clothing, which makes it great for any occasion.