What is a Bodysuit Corset? Bodysuit Corsets Explained

Full corset bodysuit, strapped type 

 The bodysuit corset provides more than just fashion benefits. They provide a perfect tucked in look, while the form fitting types support and shape your body. This piece of garment is also designed in several different styles, which gives users plenty of options to choose from. In this post, we're going to talk all about the corset bodysuit; what it is, the styles available, and how to wear one.

What is a Bodysuit Corset?

A bodysuit corset is simply a corset and briefs combined in a one-piece garment. The garment is meant to provide the benefits (and characteristics) of two popular garments; a bodysuit and a corset. Bodysuit corsets are normally designed to cover both the upper and lower body, extending to the crotch area just like a bodysuit.

The garment can be various styles, depending on the intended level of coverage or body shaping needs. It also uses different closures for the back or front; zippers, laces, or hooks and eyes. Depending on the type, these 3 main sections make a bodysuit corset body.

  • The upper section- the upper section may include bra cups to shape and support your bust or underwires to push it up.
  • The middle section- the middle section shapes the torso or midsection to improve your figure. It may also be boned for extra support and waist cinching action.
  • The panty section- this part covers the crotch area and upper thighs. This section will also shape your figure to smooth bumps or emphasize the natural curves,

Bodysuit corsets are also available in different materials, ranging from latex to brocade and the newest material called silver polymer. For a corset bodysuit outfit that will be both safe on your skin and comfortable to wear, always choose silver polymer bodysuit corset waist trainers.

Bodysuit Corsets Styles

Corset bodysuit shapewear is made in a number of different styles. These are meant to cater to different body shaping requirements and fashion needs. Being an extension of the conventional corset, the bodysuit corset is available in similar designs.

Popular styles for the corset bodysuit top include:

  • Over bust Bodysuit Corset- over bust bodysuit corsets are designed to go over your bust and act as a bra. This type of corset bodysuit is best used by women who have fuller busts.
  • Under bust Bodysuit Corset- under bust corset bodysuits start from the bust line and extend downward. This style best suits those with smaller busts or those who may want to use their own bras.
  • Strapped Bodysuit Corset- a corset bodysuit top may also be strapped or strapless. Strapped styles provide better support. However, they may not style well with some outfits. Adjustable straps offer more versatility.
  • Strapless Bodysuit Corset- a strapless bodysuit corset comes with no straps. Although you may not get enough support, this design fits many styling choice to give you a classy look.

Bodysuit corset styles also include designs that extend down the thighs and those that do not, open crotch and closed crotch types, and other variations.

 Corset black bodysuit, over bust style


What are the Benefits of Bodysuit Corsets?

Bodysuit corsets are a type of bodysuit shapewear and provide body slimming and shaping benefits. They’re also styled like a bodysuit, which means a supported fit with no bulges under your clothes. Below are the benefits of wearing them.

Bodysuits Corsets Slim your Waist

A bodysuit corset shaper is a compression garment that keeps your tummy tucked in. This will give you an instantly smaller waist and take inches off your midsection with time. For a bodysuit that will effectively reduce your waist, only go for silver polymer material. The fabric is adequately stretchy, offers enough compression without affecting comfort, and is completely safe on your skin.

Bodysuits Corsets Enhance your Bust

Bodysuit corsets do a great job enhancing your bust. They lift it up, giving you a more prominent cleavage. The bodysuit will give you the perfect amount of support for any size bust. You just need to ensure that you pick a corset that fits you correctly, uses the best material, and is a style that will enhance a bust.

Bodysuit Corsets Shape your Body

A corset style bodysuit does not only look great on you. It also does shape the tummy, hips, thighs, and butt. It can hold your tummy in which will give you an instant flat figure from the waist down. This can be quite helpful if you plan to wear high waited pants or skirts. It will help highlight your curves more.

Bodysuit Corsets Improve Posture

A bodysuit with built in corset will definitely improve your posture by helping you maintain a straight back. That’s what this garment also offers. It will helps you maintain proper body alignment, which helps with back pain and improves overall health of your spine in addition to making you attain a better posture.

 Wearing an underbust bodysuit corset

How do you wear a Bodysuit Corset?

A bodysuit corset can be paired with other underwear such as a bra or panties. Modern bodysuit corsets cover the bust, hips, and waist in order to create a smooth hourglass silhouette. However, they are most commonly worn alone over bare skin. Check out these cool ways to style your corset bodysuit outfit.

Black Bodysuit Corset

A black bodysuit corset combines best with a pencil skirt or mini skirt and pumps. For a more elegant look with the black corset bodysuit, strapless styles are your best choice. A black, strapless corset bodysuit will also look fantastic with a denim mini skirt and knee-high boots.

White Bodysuit Corset

White corset bodysuits, in particular, are one of those pieces that definitely need special underwear underneath them so as not to ruin the line of the corset completely! If you want to wear a white bodysuit corset, opt for all-in-one underwear set in the similar color as your skin.

Red Bodysuit Corset

A red body suit is a sexy addition to any wardrobe that will look fantastic with black pants or jeans and pumps. In fact, wearing this color on its own will look just fine too- just add some stilettos and carefully chosen accessories if you feel so inclined.

Green Bodysuit Corset

Green is also a color that can be worn on its own or as part of an ensemble. If you want to wear a green bodysuit, try choosing more natural tones for the rest of your outfit. It's very important to not let the bodysuit stand out too much so as not to over-style your look, or you'll run the risk of simply looking tacky.

Lace Bodysuit Corset

For a romantic look with your corset bodysuit, lace styles are your best bet. A lace bodysuit will also look great when worn with jeans or shorts, high heels and some glam jewelry. If you're going to wear it as an outer garment, matching up patterned tights will help bring your whole outfit together.

Floral Bodysuit Corset

For a more romantic full corset bodysuit, go for floral bodysuits in pastel hues, especially if you're wearing it on its own. Team it up with short skirts (around knee length) if you like showing off your legs. If you intend to wear it under something else, choose dark tights or opaque black stockings, depending on what you're wearing over the top.

 Corset bodysuit, plus size


Choosing Your Bodysuit Corset

Wearing a bodysuit corset will make you look slim and feel your body in perfect shape. These garments are extremely tight-fitting, with the material wrapping around the upper body to compress it. However, you can only feel the benefits of corset bodysuit shapewear. When shopping for one, keep these things to keep in mind.

Bodysuit Corset Shape and Size

Corset bodysuits are sold in many different sizes and shapes. That’s because people have different body types. Be sure to size yourself properly by taking measurements. Choose the right shape, too, especially if it’s a boned corset. Many manufactures provide sizing charts on their website the bodysuit corset, plus size styles included.

Bodysuit Corset Material

There are lots of different materials out there when it comes to bodysuit corset shapers. Avoid traditional materials such as latex or neoprene. These cause allergies on people with sensitive skin, are not adequately breathable, and produce a bad odor that may not go away.  Instead, go for silver polymer. This material is thin, safe and comfortable to wear. .


A bodysuit corset is a versatile piece of clothing that serves as both stylish bodysuit and waist training corset. In other words, it allows you to own a corset bodysuit shaper. The garment is sold is a broad range of sizes, styles, and colors or pattern. Should you choose to invest in one, be sure to consider the design and size that fits you well. And when wearing it, the styling options that ensure you are looking your best.